Why Topline Research Solutions?

TRS is a Zimbabwe’s business research consultancy that provides research insights (solutions) to support evidence based interventions. With over 10 years experience, our goal is to to be the preferred world class African consultancy for better decision making.

  • Subject Matter Experience

    TRS Zimbabwe has the experience and expertise to conduct surveys across all sectors in private and government organisations. Our relationship with TRS South Africa, a member of Southern African Marketing research Association (SAMRA) and Pan African media Organisation (PAMRO), allows benchmarking opportunities with other regions, mainly South Africa.

  • Strategic Partnership Approach

    As a consultancy, we consistently deliver using a collaborative partnership approach and output focus to project execution as opposed to a research agency style which tends to be focused on brief and report submission. Research results are communicated using a workshop based approach to all internal stakeholders. The TRS team comprises ten fulltime and above market level senior research staff guided by Patson Gasura, a research industry accredited and business strategy level research professional.

  • Insight Delivery Reputation

    TRS is a preferred research consultancy for some reputable organisations from both private and public sectors.